Minutes of Board Meeting
February 17, 2012
Location: Pioneer Title Agency

Board Members present:  Syd Huxtable, Helene Powell, Bill Barnes, Olivia Rockafellor, and Gordon Smith.

 Property Owners present:  George Dewoody, Delores Pinto, Vic Rockafellor, Julie Pebworth, Marie Huxtable, Peter McAlpine and Susan McAlpine.

At 10:00 am Syd Huxtable called the meeting to order.

Motion was made to approve December 22, 2011 board meeting minutes and February 4, 2012 annual meeting minutes as submitted.
Motion seconded, motion carried.

Secretary Report:
Given by Olivia Rockafellor
An explanation of how a quorum for the annual meeting was met.  There are 2847.34 acres in Phase II. 15% of votes are 437.10 which constitute a quorum.  The amount of votes cast was 667.702.  Discussion ensued regarding quorum.

The ballot count was performed on February 4, 2012 after the annual meeting in accordance with Bylaw, Sec.5.2, P-3 and P-4 by Bill Barnes, Treasurer, Olivia Rockafellor, Secretary, and 2 property owners independent of the Board who were Marilyn Parver and Joan Huffman.

The final count was reported as:
Bill Barnes – 529.553
Syd Huxtable -- 558.253
Helene Powell – 541.718
Olivia Rockafellor – 572.66
Gordon Smith – 523.828

After careful review I as Secretary certified the Ballot count to be accurate on February 7, 2012.

Selection of positions
Based on the votes received the following positions were selected:
Olivia Rockafellor, Secretary
Syd Huxtable, Director at large
Helene Powell, President
Bill Barnes, Treasurer
Gordon Smith, Vice-President

Treasurer’s Report
Given by Bill Barnes
Reported $5,404.01 to date in 2012 assessments.  Total assets are $39,903.75

Road Report
Given by Syd Huxtable
Discussion ensued regarding the petitions previously submitted in 2004 to Mohave County for the roads in Lazy YU Phase II that have not been accepted by the County.  New petitions have been acquired and will be filled out and signatures will be gathered and submitted with copies of the 2004 petitions to Mohave County.
Discussion ensued regarding bringing up the remaining roads to county standards.

Review of quotes for Performance audit & consultation
Per the settlement agreement with Cecil Adams at a voluntary mediation hearing which was held on January 13, 2012.  Quotes were requested from Steve Buck of Property management Services and Michael Aversa of RanchKidz & Associations for 6 months of consultation and a 5 year performance audit from 2007 thru 2011.
Discussion ensued regarding quotes received.
Motion to accept RanchKidz for performance audit and 6 months of consultation.
Motion seconded. Motion carried.

Guidelines for Records Requests
How to request records was explained.  ARS10-11602 – Inspection of records by members states the requirements needed.  ARS10-11602, Subsection B states “if the member meets the requirements of subsection C.
Subsection C. A member may inspect and copy the records identified in subsection B of this section ONLY if the following conditions are met:
1. The member’s demand is made in good faith and for a proper purpose.
2.  The member describes with reasonable particularity the member’s purpose and the  records the member desires to inspect.
3.  The records are directly connected with the member’s purpose.

The Board will only consider the request if a member submits a written request with the proper purpose.  A proposal was made that all written requests be mailed to the POA address and not emailed.
Discussion ensued.
This also applies for a request of the Membership List.  There are limitations on the use of the membership list.  The use of the list is for association purposes only.  An affidavit will have to be signed by the member requesting the membership list that it will only be used for association purposes only and not for solicitation. 

Motion was made that all written requests will not be accepted by email and only be accepted by mail at the POA address or personal delivery.
Motion seconded. Motion carried.
Further discussion ensued.

At 10:35 am meeting in closed session for Legal update
At 11:06 am meeting reconvened.
Motion was made to adjourn.  Motion seconded
Meeting adjourned at 11:06 am

Minutes approved on April 5, 2012 and signed by Helene Powell, President and Olivia Rockafellor, Secretary.


Minutes of Annual Meeting
February 4, 2012, 10:00 am
location:  Mohave County Library, Kingman, AZ

Notice of meeting and agenda was mailed to property owners on December 30, 2011 and posted at the mailboxes on February 1, 2012
At 10:04 am Syd Huxtable called the meeting to order.
Summary of 2011 was given by Syd Huxtable
Road grading and maintenance
2011 is the first year we have had quarterly and better grading schedule.  Our roads are improving with each grading and we can see that improvements are lasting longer than in the past.  Mohave County has graded the main loops 5 times this year.  TLC has graded the 8.5 miles of tributary roads 4 times.  Lawman and Stagecoach were upgraded in March 2011. Rain damage was repaired in September.
TLC has been contracted to grade the tributry raods 4 times in 2012.  The Board of Directors has agreed to contract with TLC to do additional work to groom for drainage, recover fill and to make sure the crowns are correct on those tributary roads.  We plan to incorporate this work with 1st or 2nd quarter grading.
Discussion ensued regarding Mohave County taking over Lawman.
Our insurance premiums have increased because of the 2 lawsuits.  Additionally, the insurance company has denied the POA coverage for "Breach of Contract".
Assessments were held at the same level as previous year. The number of miles of roads we maintain has gone down, but the cost per mile went up because the contractor's costs have gone up.  We anticipated the need to pay a management company for a performance audit.
Confidentiality agreements prohibits from discussing details of either case.
McAlpine vs. Lazy YU Ranch Phase II POA, Inc.
Court dates are set for March 8, 2012 and March 9, 2012 in Lake Havasu City, AZ
Adams vs. Lazy YU Ranch Phase II POA, Inc., a settlement was reached in mediation on January 13, 2012
Treasurer's Report given by Bill Barnes
Profit & Loss thru end of fiscal year is $2,285.33
Net assets of $34,508.63
As of today there is $3,979.74 in outstanding assessments. Some assessments have come in since the printing of the budget.  More was added to Legal to cover costs of a contract with a Management Co. for a performance audit & 6 months of consultation as part of an agreement.  Road Maintenance was increased to cover storm damage on the roads.
A motion was made to adjourn, Motion seconded
Meeting adjourned at 10:14 am
Minutes approved on February 17, 2012 and signed by Syd Huxtable, President and Olivia Rockafellor, Secretary.